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Environmental Community Training

OG T&C offers a variety of training options for community groups and communities.

For information about consutlancy services that OG T&C can offer communities click on Consulting in the right hand menu.

The training can be "off the shelf", custom made or a combination of the two. Below are just some of the "off the shelf" training that OG T&C can offer. Please note further "off the shelf" training courses are available - get in touch for a full list.

Introduction to Community Carbon Footprinting (CCF)

Carrying out a CCF is an excellent way of raising environmental awareness
in your community and provides a baseline from which other projects can
be developed.
This course provides a basic understanding of what community CCF is,
how to carry out a survey and calculate a CCF. It will use case studies
showing different styles of CCF.
The course can be adapted to suit a variety of audiences including
community volunteers, community support workers and businesses.

NB - This course is also available via the Environmental Trainers Network. Visit for more information.

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Climate change - a beginners' guide

No knowledge about climate change
This two hour training session is aimed at members of the public who have little or no knowledge about climate change except for what they have read in the paper or seen on television.

The session will answer questions such as:

  • "What is the difference between climate change, global warming and the greenhouse effect?"
  • "Isn't climate change just the same as ozone depletion?"
  • "how does climate change happen and what does this have to do with me?"

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Training for Volunteers
(for those staffing a stand or eco/energy centre)

This training is aimed at volunteers who wish to increase their confidence in answering questions from members of the public about environmental issues.

The training will be adapted to suit the needs/type of organisation for whom the volunteers work and can therefore cover a wide range of environmental subjects.

The training helps volunteers to be confident in signposting and uses role play to build confidence in dealing with a variety of potential enquiries.

This training can last half a day or can be more in depth and last a whole day.

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Becoming Carbon Literate

This course is aimed at council members, community groups and anyone
who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of climate
change and carbon reduction. This course is also aimed at those who wish
to be a local community energy champion.

This course gives a brief introduction to the science behind climate change
and peak oil before going on to focus on the energy hierarchy and
renewable energy systems giving the tools to appraise, analyse, evaluate
and prioritise carbon reduction options in order to better support the

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Community Training - custom made

Custom made training can cover a wide range of environmental/community issues from how to raise awareness of an issue in a community to writing a community action plan of environmental solutions.

Training Prices

Prices vary according to requirements. For a quote please contact us.

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